Premium Garden Fresh Ceylon Tea

Avan, in the ancient language of Sanskrit refers to the Earth. Synonymous with the freshness of the finest teas used in the brand Avantea, it symbolises the very best of nature, in a cup. Brimming with the flavour and aroma of a garden fresh cup of tea, the unique taste of Avantea is designed to rejuvenate and revive.

Carrying all its original characteristics the teas are both natural and healthy while also carrying an earthy tone to soothe the palate. Sourced directly from pristine tea gardens and packed fresh at the source, Avantea tea is packed within merely a few weeks of harvesting the crop from the mountain slopes. The teas are then subject to stringent manufacturing and cleaning processes, after which they are packed in the most hygienic conditions. With its brand presence in Maldives, Canada, Australia, Italy and the UK to name a few; Avantea is a name that rings true to its promise of flavour and freshness.