Direct Access to Pristine Tea Gardens.

Sunshine Tea directly source their teas from prime Tea estates in the country. Ceylon tea is unique because of the high quality, flavorful teas it produces and because of the diversity in teas offered due to the varying elevations at which the tea is grown. All tea grown in Sri Lanka are classified into three elevations based on altitude above the sea level of the tea factory and teas are named as Low grown, Medium grown and High grown.
Another unique factor of Ceylon teas is the ‘Seasonal tea’ phenomenon for higher grown teas. These are teas of exceptional taste and quality which are produced as a result of the weather conditions that prevail at certain times causing the tea plant to undergo ‘stress’ – dry, hot days and cool, windy nights – which help bring out the flavor in the leaves.
There are two main seasons in Sri Lanka – Dimbula season which falls during February and March when the western parts of the country experience dry weather and the Uva season which is during July and August. These two seasons are based on two main geographic regions where tea is grown in the hill country of Sri Lanka.
Within these broad categories, teas are grown seven regional districts, with each region having their own unique characteristic factories produce a large variety of tea grades of different leaf sizes – Large leaf teas are light in color whilst smaller leaf teas and dust grades are darker and strong.